1. Heartbeat Of The Earth

Can you hear the Heartbeat of the Earth?
Can you hear the Heartbeat of the Earth?
The rhythm comes and the rhythm goes
The river ebbs and the river flows
Can you hear the Heartbeat of the Earth?
Can you hear a whisper on the wind?
Can you hear a whisper on the wind?
A voice that says 'Come with me'
'And I'll set you forever free'
Do you know the mystery of the Moon?
Do you know the mystery of the Moon?
Up high in the midnight sky
Up high where the witches fly
Do you know the mystery of the Moon?
Have you seen the turning of the Wheel?
Have you seen the turning of the Wheel?
The Wheel spins round and round
It picks you up and it drops you down
Have you seen the turning of the Wheel?

2. Young Lovers

Let's have you show some grief
For the fools let your hearts bleed
For those who are lost in love
Those who cry for a lover's lies
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Don't cry for love

Young Lovers suffer the pains of love

Underneath a winter's moon
The end has come too soon
And filled the world with pain
In the night and in the day
The pain won't go away
Won't set us free from love

In a field of marble stones
Lie one long dead lover's bones
Forgotten, dead and gone
Sorrow's tale is on her lips
The icy blade where love once kissed
The blood runs cold inside

3. Underworld

Welcome to the Underworld
Here thou shall be weighed for truth
Down in Subterrania
Far from the heat of Ra
Within the womb of Nut he lay
As thou within her bones shall stay
Welcome to thy Judgement Day
Down in the Underworld

Down, down to the Underworld

Heart of sin, come not within
Thy fat shall feed a belly's greed
But come, oh thou, who doth allow
The plume to rest below
The Utchat has secured thy path
Thy place within the Boat of Ra
Descend thou with a willing heart
Down to the Otherworld.

4. Prince Of Shadows

Your life, so much sorrow
Let me take one moment of your pain
You have died a million times over
Who would comprehend the mistery of life's game
So come, let's share of life's treasures
We'll live a life of passion undisturbed by shame
What you require, I offer with pleasure
Let's fall laughing, tumbling in vermillion rain

Come into my life
My Prince of Shadows

My heart shall know of no other
Within your arms I feel strangely serene
All those lives you've seen rise, mature and die
Who else could say that they've seen the sights you've seen
The world shall show us such wonders
I'll cast my act into the Sea of Dreams
And so, my love, I give you my life blood
And disregard the hollow life that's been

5. Craft Of The Wise

Across a thousand nations
And forty-thousand years
The teachers and the healers
We are the Craft of the Wise
The Old World and the New World
Remember the nature people
We who were persecuted
And we shall rise again
And we dance round, hand in hand
We are at one with the tides of the land
We are wild and we are free
We are wild and we are free
But the tide is ever changing
The Wheel ever spinning round
And in the heart of the dying Empire
Was born the Church of Rome
And they did rise, but they shall fall
And all their lies shall be seen as lies
And the world shall be free from the yoke of guilt
And they shall be no more
The forests of the world are dying
But they shall be reborn
For the wind of change is coming
A-riding on the storm
And from the desolation
Is born the seed of hope
For the tyrants fall, one and all
The Wheel is ever spinning round

6. Corn King

It's that time of year once more and again
When the green turns golden brown
And the summer sun shall fade to winter sky
Old Oak King, it's time for you to die

The King, the Corn are born to fall
And all must die in sacrifice
Underneath the Harvest Moon
Hide your pride, let time decide
Who must live and who must die
Underneath the Harvest Moon

The Reaper comes for the barley and the rye
And all must fall beneath his scythe
Seasons change and we wait for darker days
The Old Oak King is a-sleeping in his grave

7. Witch Hunt

Through bleary eyes I see the touch light
Beyond the panes I sense a danger
There's silhouettes of a hundred people
My Sister Moon would reveal no stranger
Collect my mantel, collect my senses
I must away, slip into the dark night
Would they go I should sleep till sunrise
And with the day there would be some respite

Fly, sister, fly
Into the dark night that loves you
Into the darkness
Let not their eyes catch your shining

Out the door and into the night air
Oh, sweet Moon, don't betray your sister now
Across the fields not a glance behind me
The din so loud they must be upon me
Away, away and away and away now
Fast as the wind, just as fast as the Hare now
Where I a cat I would not act fearfully
Those stumbling men would be no match for me

Must catch my breath, must not let them hear me
Though my heart is so loud it would deafen me
Now a shout they must know where I lie
So to my feet and again I must fly
Rush through the trees, the thorn, the bramble
While high above an owl flies carefree
Why be I here, I should be beside him
Ere will I go, they'd expect it of me

8. Fire Of Love

Gather every nature child
Gather all and merry me
For tonight let us be wild
And tonight let us be free!

Dance, dance in the Fire of Love
Dance, dance in the Fire of Love

Underneath this endless sky
We will dance till eternity
Raise your arms with a primal cry
For tonight we shall be free

We are the Wild Ones
Children ever free
We have the Spirit
Within both you and me

Queen of the Moon
Queen of the Night
Be with us round the fire tonight

9. Love Spell

With a kiss of pure steel I pierce the skin
With a wish it sinks within
With the red of your blood and the red of mine
Its flesh shall stain as wine
Our love is greater than we two
And stronger than our lives
And though our bodies may decay
Our love will survive

With threads of pure silk and scarlet in hue
I join, in love, we two
Your life you have offered freely to me
And mine I give to thee
The Earth shall hold our lovers' wish
And keep it from the day
And as the soil grows richer now
My Love, it shall stay

10. Song For Our Age

We have known of a truth
And we have known of a life
And we have climbed to the top of the tree

And we have screamed of a brand new liberty
Come and join in the Song for our Age
For you've created the Song for our Age

Greed and misery abound
The old control must not reign
Now we are many who through the dark can see
In our future we can all choose to be free!

11. Intercourse With The Vampyre

Come inside my love and join me
I'm your worst nightmare
Thrill my cool and flesh with kisses
Ooh just right there!
I can fell your heart a-thumping
Your blood, your soul, my body pumping

Come and taste the bitter fruit
I will drain you of your juice
Let the straining serpeat loose
Put your head into my noose

Come and kneel, boy, before me
Kiss my sacred altar
Come to me like a ram
To the slaughter
Feel my poisoned sting
Tonight I'll spread my wings

12. Sabrina

So deep, deep as the sky is high
In my sleep your song has spun my dreams
Darker than the night
Wider than the sea
Oh, Sabrina, wild and free
Oh, Sabrina, sing for me
Each breath of wind shall shape your form
Who would guess your life would rise and fall
How I fear your power
How I miss you now

13. Catherine

The bloom of youth
Shone from her lovely face
A rose against her skin
Would not seem out of place
This silent succubi
Had men enwrapt in dreams
Such sweet seducers
Are never what they seem

Catherine [x16]

The rage of unloved wives
would seal this beauty's fate
Many years of fading looks
brought bitterness and hate
A man of God must ensure
Justice will be done
For Satan dwells within
The black heart of this one

Catherine [x16]

14. Take My Hunger

Your love is crashing through my veins
Your heat has far eclipsed the day
Let nought but hunger take the pain
We've lived as those who've lived for fame

Take my hunger
Break my anger
Steal all madness
Slake my thirst

All those who would condemn our love
Know not the beauty in your sun
We'll live for that which must be done
Release the bird to soar above

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